A Theatrical Stage Electrician, referred to as an electrician, is the person or persons giving physical and technical support to all electrical activities and duties related to the operation, assembly, and disassembly of a theatrical lighting system. These duties do not typically involve the running of a lighting console.

Note:  Most courses have specified requirements and/or prerequisites that you must meet in order to attend. Courses vary in location and duration.  Course names and curriculum are subject to change.


Introductory Classes – Required for the Apprentice Program

LX 101 – Theatrical Stage Lighting 101** Introduction to Stage Electrics I

LX 102 – Theatrical Stage Lighting 102** Introduction to Stage Electrics II

LX 103 – Theatrical Stage Lighting 103** Introduction to Conventional Lighting Focus

LX 104 – Theatrical Stage Lighting 104** Introduction for Stage Lighting for Touring Shows

LX 105 – Theatrical Stage Lighting 105** Introduction to Running a Spotlight


Intermediate Classes

LX 201 –

LX 202 –

LX 203 –